Sunday, February 27, 2011

shades of green....!

Petty jealousy is really very boring!!!!
and not something I normally suffer from
...thank goodness!


a wonderfully eccentric friend 

rang tonight for a chat

and half way through the conversation said

go and check out where I have been staying!

so I did

and I could so see myself lying by the pool

enjoying a wee pre dinner drink

then settling in for the night

perhaps grabbing a good read of the shelves

and day dreaming

after lunch in the shade before another dip

or wandering through the beautiful gardens

so I suggested next time she went she had better take me!!!

                                                                                                                                                        all images from here

Alas....too late
 as it will probably be sold
she replied

 just slightly
 tinged green am I!!!!!



  1. jules

    i don't do green either...
    but don't you dare lay by that pool without me.
    nice eh?
    the place is fab

  2. It looks heavenly - but the link didn't take me anywhere, and now of course I'm very curious!

  3. Where is that house and who is the designer?
    I love the interior and the landscape design.

  4. Dearest Julienne,

    Is this a true story? Looks rather 'braggy' to me... Is this a resort or what? I'm not that impressed by huge buildings that lack a 'soul' and it certainly does not add to personal happiness. So be happy with your own dwelling and life. One cannot 'live' in a pool either. How often would you really swim if you have such a pool?

    Lots of love,


  5. Hmmm I think I'd be a little bit sage green too!! What an amazing place - maybe your friend will find somewhere EVEN better for you both to go next time! XX

  6. Renee would I lie beside that pool with anybody else but you?!!
    PS the link is to a Real Estate Company that has the property for sale
    Belle the house is near a beautiful beach in Melbourne an area where I often cruise the RE sites just to dream as they are way, way, way out of my price bracket...but hey a girl can always dream!
    Mariette, perfectly true and a private friend knows everyone who is anyone...obviously as she knows me too!!!!!!
    Sarah, alas I don't move in those circles!!

  7. Is it who I think it is? I'm sure it must be!! :-) xxx

  8. Pink Faerie you would possibly be right!!!! xoxo

  9. Great house and great garden


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