Friday, December 17, 2010

a tale of two communities...!!!!

Living in a country town 
is quite different to living in a large city
there are the obvious difference
like the lack of traffic 
fewer choices
(if you actually want them)
more choices
(when it comes to fresh food)
and so the list could go on
but this is not about those sort of differences 
it is about the community (as in the people) difference

Here we know nearly everyone
some by sight,
some by name,
some by business,
some by friendship,
some by love.

In the big Cities if you know your neighbours
you are probably doing quite well!!


The point is that because we know every one,
when good luck strikes we know about it
when bad luck strikes we know about it
when things are hard for them we know about it

It makes us a tight community
and in the hard times 
we all come out to help

The Blog community is like living in a country town
you get to know everyone
some by sight,
(on others blogs)
some by name
(from their comments)
some by business
(their Etsy stores)
some by friendship
some by love

we know your up and your downs
 your joys and your hard times
in sickness and in health
your troubles and your families troubles


today I visited
Simone at
and learned about
Jane from

most of you are already pouring out your love to A-M
and I have another friend
who is suffering

so wouldn't it be nice and in true Christmas spirit if
we all follow Simone's advice

"What if each night you look at the moon for, say, 15 seconds and send positive thoughts to Jane and to others who you know are going through harsh times?...

•What if you post this concept on your blog or speak to your friends?...

•What if your followers blog this concept and speak to their friends?...

•What if hundreds of women look at the moon each night and send off their thoughts?

•What if women needing support received these hundreds of thoughts?...

You see, we all have the same moon, don't we?..
Girl power.
Can we do it? 15 seconds a day? Pay it forward?
I say we can. It can only help. It can connect us all. It can be global..
So what do you say?...
Start blogging the concept girls or make a pact with your friends"

and fellas you can do it too
 we don't absolutely need to restrict this to the ladies

and to my dear, dear friend
if you are reading this, know that all my love and prayers
go to you both and I am sending power via the moon

and to all a


  1. Thanks for passing it on and putting it "out" there Julienne :) It is a lovely little community this blog world xx

  2. Pink salt, Julienne, you are streets ahead of me! I haven't stopped thinking of Jane since I read her news, and your words about the sense of community here are so true.

  3. you know i will look at the moon
    and send good thoughts.....
    i just hope a few of them ricochet back this way.

    love you
    sweet dreams my friend

  4. Fantastic. I will definitely join in - you know it has been proved that positive vibes and thinking by a huge number of people (faith?) really can alter an outcome.... X

  5. Perfectly put Julienne, and so very true. I only discovered Janes blog yesterday, via Amanda's(The Homely One) post to send her our thoughts. The power of a positive message and spreading these thoughts is the least we can do.
    I will be looking to the moon.
    Rebecca x

  6. What a beautiful post, Julienne, and a good way of thinking about community. You have an extraordinary heart. xo Gigi

  7. Lovely post and wonderful reminder to us all...

  8. You're right about this blog community - and I like your idea!

  9. Beautifully put Julienne. A x

  10. Hi Julienne A touching post. I've just found you through Martha's linky. I wonder how much sleep Jane will get tonight. J x

  11. I would answer you all but I know like me you are all out moon watching and sending that very powerful message to Jane, to A-M and those others in need at this time. God bless you all.

  12. Wonderful Julienne! I'm sending all the good thoughts I can muster :-)


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