Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's supposed to be summer...!!!!

Today is the
20th of December
it is practically
We have the fire going
our winter woolies are
out of the mothballs
and this is the Perisher Valley

20 December 2010 snow on Front Valley
                                                                                                                                               Snow report from here

Did I hear someone say this was going to be the
the third warmest summer on record?!!!!

Can they tell me where please?

Maybe we will have white Christmas too!!!!

The moon is out tonight 
and I am sending lots of love
to Jane here
are you? 



  1. Ludicrous weather...that's the only thing I can call it at the moment!

  2. Huh? That's what our world looks like, not yours..

    Perhaps I won't ask to be invited to Christmas dinner. Thought it would be a BBQ, not a slow roast!

    xo jane

  3. Hi Julienne, hope you have a fabulous Christmas! Love and hugs, Emma.

  4. Just the same...happy holidays:)
    Enjoy and have fun whatever the weather...

  5. jules; my amigo
    it either a full moon tonight....
    or maybe last night.
    but i will look at the moon tonight and send love to you!!!


  6. How strange! I hope it warms up for you!

  7. Oh you poor things..summer and snow. We have LOADS of snow in London and believe me that is unusual in London! It is cold but fun...until tomorrow when we are going to "try" and travel to our son and his wife for Christmas about 3 hours away!! Believe me that is not going to be easy!Haxx Have a Happy Christmasxx Lynda
    ps just found your blog via Indiaxx
    if you want to see "our" snow go to my other photo blog http://chocolatelifeandjazz.blogspot.com


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