Wednesday, December 8, 2010

anniversary.... and things to do on a rainy day!!

Little  ole  flibbertigibbet me
has stuck this out for

one whole year
and 105 posts

! ! ! ! ! ! !

so what do you do
 it rains day
 after day
 after day

                                                                        for those who asked,   Maggie is in remission at present
you find someone to tease
that's what you do on rainy days

first, you ask nicely

then you push a bit

until she tries to push you off

and finally you accept the inevitable,
and your place on the lounge 

and you both nod off
 dreaming of a day when there is no longer any rain, 
 the park is no longer under water 
and you can, once again, stretch your legs

everything in the house is currently under dust sheets
as we have a particularly nasty type of mud
it is red!
It does not wash out!
it does not soak out!
it does not bleach out!
and the dogs,
who know
 they are not supposed to play in the house,
 are just plain
 bored silly

Now can I do another year?



  1. Blogger has decided to change the colour of my post title...damn, damn, damn!!!
    In preview, in editing and everywhere else it is green
    On this page right here it is RED!!!
    Anyone know how to fix it please?

  2. GG would know but she is showering. under water so to speak.

    happy Anniversary my friend. My life is much richer having met you.

    Love the dogs, what beauties.

    Keep it up, neither rain nor shine should stop your posts.

    xo jane

  3. Back to post title, on whole blog it is now green on individual posts it is red!!!!
    Perhaps it is just me and will adjust itself soon!!!!!!

  4. Happy Blogaversay!!! Oh yes, please keep up another year. I would miss seeing you around blogland!! Merry Christmas,

  5. Perhaps this is Blogger's way of saying Happy Anniversary. Or not.

    Did you actually make any changes in Design? That screws everything up.

  6. Many congratulations on your Anniversary Julienne - a wonderful achievement! It's a wonder you are not "floating away" down there with the amount of rain you have had.....amazing. Your puppies look like beautiful long legged models - what breed are they? Hopefully the sun will come out soon and they will be able to prance around the park. At least they look comfy on their sofa! Re your font issues - not sure whether it has fixed itself up???? because I can't see any "green" (just the red on individual posts). But try : Dashboard - Design - Template Designer - Advanced - Page Text - (and then change whatever you need to change). ;)Sharyne

  7. I'm always having all sorts of blogger issues..rat! Julienne sending happy anniversary wishes and yes..another year is in the cards for you. What would we do without your humor?

    Your pups are adorable!!

    Cheers my dear x Deb

  8. Congratulations on the year! And what beautiful dogs! We had a Borzoi years ago -- a lovely though rather aloof individual.

    Blogger won't let me change my background color anymore -- I have no idea what the problem is.

  9. doesn't it amaze you that it is a bloggy anniversary?
    it is amazing!! me always.
    that 'you',
    and the rest of us bloggers can stick to something for so long.
    i do think it is the rewards of the friendships that we develop.

    for sure,
    you are a reward that i have from blogging.


    xxx hugs

  10. Gorgeous dogs - terrible mud! Happy anniversary!

  11. Very, very cute post and what beautiful dogs. Hope the days get sunnier for you.(-:

  12. Such sweet dogs - they made me smile today. Happy anniversary Julienne and don't stop will you?!! X

  13. Happy blogiversary! And your dogs are beautiful and mischievous :-)

  14. Congratulations on one whole year! I do hope you continue. I love my visits here!

  15. What a fantastic post! So funny.. I really hope things are improving for you there..Rachaelxx

  16. Hi Julienne...What adorable dogs! Congratulations on one whole year. I am adding myself to your list of I do hope you'll continue!



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