Friday, December 3, 2010

rain, rain go away.......!

After yesterday's post 
I thought you might like to see
some of our local bridges

                                                                                                                           all photos courtesy of the Liberal

4 lanes not exactly in passable condition

The debris becomes a huge problem

our dam is now 120 percent full
down to 6 percent this time last year
and it is more than 4 times the size of Sydney Harbour!

They had to release the floodgates yesterday
or the dam was in danger of going
and that would mean the loss of our town!!!

To save the under-construction dam wall, and the towns it protects, engineers made the decision to open the Burrendong spillway. Photos: AMY GRIFFITHS

an extra 400 megalitres a day isn't going to help the flood situation
further along the river though!

and not for all the tea in china would I attempt to drive across here!


The rains have started again!
we are expecting 3 fine days between now and Christmas
I have never hoped that the weather bureau was wrong quite so much before!



  1. The power of water - it's terrifying.
    I hope that you and yours stay safe and that the rain isn't as bad as the forecast predicts.

  2. Julienne, have pictures really does put into perspective. That is a whole lot of water. I hope you all get some sun to dry up all the rain. Wait a minute that line is from the itsy bitsy spider song. Sorry. I truly mean it, I hope it drys UP!! hugs Kathysue

  3. My goodness - I see what you mean! I will NEVER cross a flooded creek or causeway unless I can actually SEE the white line markings on the road. I have seen some of my neighbours cross our bridge when there has been water pouring over the railings - very scarey! Stay safe (and dry!) ;)Sharyne

  4. It's staggering... and what's more staggering is that it hasn't rained here for weeks and they're talking about declaring drought in the north of NZ for the second summer running. The world is upside down...

  5. Oh my that is a lot of water. Be careful and stay safe.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  6. flooding is so scary.
    are you safe??


  7. We are fine but our district is now a designated disaster zone. Most of the crops have been lost and it is difficult to get out of town as we are ringed by water but a lot better of than other towns across NSW.
    It has been relatively dry for the last two days so hopefully the rivers will drop but the dam is now releasing 40,000 megalitres a day!!!!

  8. Such awful conditions... do hope that the rain is lessening. We have such extremes over the world recently - terrible. x

  9. Oh Julienne :( I hope by now that you have had some reprieve from the rain. great to know that you are safe, but keeping your town (especially the farmers) in my thoughts ~ Tina xx

  10. Oh how devastating! I hope some dry sunshine comes your way soon :-)

  11. Your flooding makes me realize what a minor inconvenience our snow is... stay safe, Julienne.


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