Saturday, June 26, 2010

Color me angry!

This is a photo of me,
as I feel at the moment,
No amount of deep breathing
 seems to be doing the trick

Why you ask?

Because last night, I left the car in the street.
I just forgot about bringing it in
 until just before it was time to go to bed
Top, bless him, remembered 
and out he went to get it!

Unfortunately he was just a little late
 as the local graffiti artists had been well and truly at work

In black


right across the bonnet
 and the drivers door
 were words and suggestions
 that I would associate more with public toilets
 than a car driven by a rather old fashioned woman!

I am so angry 
that kids of today
 have no respect for the belongings of others

I am angry that parents 
allow their children 
to roam the streets at night


what worries me more


 that I rang the police to report the incident
and in a town of 5000 people
 they could not find our address

With all our outside lights on
 I watched them drive past twice
 and this was after they had rung to check where we were


 they had already been to the wrong street!

What if it had been an emergency?

I am off to try meditation again so once more I can be like this

PS It took Top all morning
 to remove the offending graffiti 
but it has now gone thank goodness!




  1. Oh Julienne...what is there to say? Such a rotten thing to happen to you and I can only agree with your views. Well done Top for terminating the texta, but what a terrible shame that it was necessary. Hope tonight/tomorrow is better.

  2. Oh I am so sorry Julienne - no wonder you were feeling angry - I would have been furious too... Hope you are having a better day...x

  3. Oh Julienne:( What an awful start to your weekend! Darn riff-raff!! Can't believe the police had so much trouble finding you, that is very concerning! I hope that you get a better night's sleep tonight and that you have the loveliest Sunday. ~ Tina xx

  4. Oh, I would be red, yellow, orange--a raging bonfire! Grrr. I usually take my mind off lousy stuff by looking at all the beautiful photos in blogland. Have a better week ahead.

  5. What an awful experience, I think you should write a letter to the police... that's pretty concerning. Hope your weekend has improved. A x

  6. What an all round infuriating experience. Injustice really makes my blood boil. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Hope your week gets better..Rachaelxx

  7. I realize this was yesterday and hope today has brought more of the calm photo than the one in red.
    I'm so sorry that happened to you.
    Really mindless and needless, hope you are having a better night tonight and you can get back to your beautiful life!

  8. Phwar good luck with your meditation!

  9. You must be really concerned about the police not being able to find your address. Perhaps you should contact them about this so if in the future you need them in a hurry they can be there more quickly.

    That must have been so frustrating to find the graffiti - I am sometimes shocked that parents do allow their children to roam the streets late. I know that not all kids are bad but sometimes I worry about the lack of respect I see in a lot of the youth.

    Hang in there - hopefully some good things will happen in the near future :-)

  10. Julienne I'm so sorry about your car. I feel like I was reading about something I would express. For myself I fret that my old age is setting in because I spend more time that I should complaining about the 'state' of life these days. How so much has changed, mostly common courtesy and decency.
    There I go again ...showing my age!

    I love your blog & so happy I found my way from you leaving your great comment yesterday. x

  11. Oh Julienne, I am sooo sorry, that is just terrible and I would also be alarmed about the police not reaching you without so much trouble. The world has definitely changed and not for the better I am afraid. I have been on a week vacay and I am just now getting around blogland. I see you have been my ever faithful Julienne and visited and commented as always. You are the BEST!! Hope today is a better day for you,Hugs Kathysue


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