Friday, June 18, 2010

if only.....!

Sometimes you come across
a series of photos that just take your breath away
These do it for me

I would like to think
 that I could live in a house that looked like this
but then I have to be a little realistic
 and realise that with our animals,
my total dislike of housewifely duties
 and our lack of finances to pay for someone to do it for me
that the best way to enjoy this place
 is just to bookmark the site here and visit regularly 

I love the pale timber floors
 and the brick
I love the minimalist look
I love the modern furnishings
and I am so not a modern girl!!

I love the wall paneling
I love the touches of gold
I really love the bedroom
I just love all of it

Do you like the look? 




  1. A little bare for me but the images are still beautiful to look at..Have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  2. Ooh, this place is gorgeous! And I love the set of steps to help the shorties see what MUST be a gorgeous view! You could just do that to Logie... But wait til we come home and you can offload any excess furniture on to us so you have room for the new modern stuff ;-) xxx

  3. Oooh yes, love this look and I am going to be sure bookmark this site.. thank you Julienne.x

  4. I love it! There is something tranquil about it. You would be surprised how clean an all white interior can look. I will bookmark it for certain. Cheers! Susan :)

  5. wild.

    i definitely like it too.

  6. I love this look too, but it needs a little more pink for me! Do you realise the 3rd photo could be your loungeroom??? Want Kate and I to do that to it?!

  7. It,s wonderfully bare (no dusting) but I suppose not dreadfully comfortable to live in! Kate you have to all put your names on the back of the pieces you want! SE I am glad you enjoyed it there are some really glorious images on the site. Welcome Susan, I know how easy it is to keep an all white area clean (as long as you don't live in the dusty bush) but I really love the floors in this place and yes Lise you can do that to the living room!

  8. I absolutely love the look. Unfortunately I fall into the same category you do -- animals, hate wifely duties, et. al. -- but wouldn't it be heavenly?

  9. I love the space that just goes up and up and up!

  10. Yes indeed! I just bookmarked the link and took a quick peek, what an amazing site! That particular room has me swooning!

  11. It is very peaceful and fresh. I certainly want my house to have that feeling...even if it doesn't have the same style.

  12. Would love to vacation in a house like this but I need a little more color in my life but the all white with textures is always calming to me, Kathysue


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