Thursday, July 1, 2010

I have to visit Guernsey!

This is just a quick word before I go of to visit the children,
drop in to the Sydney gift fair
have afternoon tea at the Queen Victoria building,
and help my daughter with plans for no 2 son's 21st birthday


I had to post to 
all you readers out there
if you have not read 
The Guernsey 
Literary and
Potato Peel Pie
Mary Anne Shaffer

do yourself a favour and go right out now and buy it
You will not be able to put it down

Mary Schaffer was 70 when she wrote this book
 and unfortunately didn't live to see it published
It is everything the written word should be and I am
at the story,
 the writing and the
 sheer poetry of this written work.
Enough said
 go and get it now
Unless of course 

I am just the last person to read it

if so, I would love to hear
 what you all thought about it
 and if you loved it as much as I do 

Random house also have a lovely site here




  1. Hi Julienne. Yep, I completely agree with you...wonderful book. In fact this has been the only book that the members of my book club have completely agreed on! A must read for sure...made me want to hop on a plane to Guernsey as well. Enjoy your time in the big smoke!

  2. I totally agree Julienne - my husband brought it back as a little gift one day after he had been shopping. When I first looked at it I must admit I wasn't sure that I'd like it with the 'letters format'... However, like you once I turned the first page I was HOOKED and really loved it. One of the best books I have read this year I would say... x

  3. I wondered where you had been, in Guernsey I see.

    I will immediately hunt down book, you know I trust your taste in literature.

    Wonder if it's been published here yet?

    What's the big smoke?

  4. I will definitely have to look into that book - I love reading and have been wanting to get started on another page-turner! Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. I was leaving a comment today at White Flower Farmhouse and your blog caught my eye because of your name. I love it and have contemplated naming a daughter "Julienne". How do you pronounce it? Do you love it? Get annoyed with it? Would you wish it upon a little girl in the US? Thanks!

  6. I am reading this now Mama, and loving every bit of it!! xxx


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