Tuesday, June 15, 2010






Oh sorry I didn't realise you'd arrived

You just caught me sitting here

counting my breaths and thinking of 

as I start my meditation

Better stop now while you are visiting
and tell you why.

I have a massive  slight, very slight stress problem so
 my lovely GP sent me off to do a course in

 'mindfulness for managing stress'
an 8 week program modeled on the stress reduction clinic
 at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

and right in the middle of the program I picked up this book

For all of you, looking for a good book,
 it is delicious.
The beautiful heroine counts....and counts
 and then counts some more 
its about OCD, love, mistakes and life and 
 I highly, highly recommend it.

Toni Jordan the author 
gave me permission to print a quote from the book
 that describes exactly what mindfulness is

"Most people miss their whole lives, you know. 
Listen, life isn't
when you are standing on top of a mountain 
looking at the sunset. 
Life isn't waiting at the altar
 or the moment your child is born
 or that time you were swimming in deep water
 and a dolphin came up alongside you. 
These are fragments. 
Ten or twelve grains of sand
 spread through your entire existence.
 These are not life.
 Life is brushing your teeth
or making a sandwich
 or watching the news
 or waiting for the bus. Or walking.
 Every day, thousands of tiny events happen
 and if you are not watching, 
if you are not careful, 
if you don't capture them and make them count, 
you could miss it

You could miss your whole life."

Isn't that just a magic quote?

We are into week seven and 
 my neck and back are more relaxed, the headaches are gone!
I have started painting again and
I have found my patience once more
Best of all I am noticing the little things,
 the beauty that surrounds us, the music of nature
 and food...food is wonderful!

Life is a sensuous experience when you live NOW!

if you want to know more about mindfulness you can find it here




  1. Is it just me or is everyone having a problem with their posts not looking the way they were supposed to? I have edited this twice and it is still wrong!

  2. No you're just more "aware" of how you want your posts to look!

    I love that quote, kinda sums up why I blog. helps bring the everyday things into sharper focus.

    I'm so glad the headaches have stopped. xo Jane

  3. That sounds like a great book to grab and I'm very impressed with your meditating. I should try it sometime! The excerpt reminded me of a quote..'we do not remember days, we remember moments'...so true. Have a great, relaxing stressless day x

  4. I'm so glad you're feeling better... funnily enough I read something about eating "mindfully" (as opposed to the biscuit I have just absent mindedly eaten...) - sounds like I should read more. A x

  5. okay.
    now you have got me going......
    i am curious.
    and i need something!!!


  6. I'm so happy you are more relaxed! We all have to take time out for ourselves these days, or you're right, we'll miss it all!

    And it sounds as though we've both been reading similar books!

  7. Julienne dear! It is so nice to see you! Thank you for coming by for sending me off to my vacation back home in California. I too dearest, have dealt with stress and anxiety manifesting itself from anxiety attacks, stomach aches, strange sleeping patterns and other STRANGE bodily malfunctions! But you have learned and shared something so important....to look at the good, embrace life, live in the moment and not even worry about what you cannot control; just deal with what you have control over. I wish you healing, happiness and joy! Anita

  8. Thank you for letting us know about this book -really would like to read it.. That is such an amazing quote and so very true. A happy and relaxing weekend to you. x

  9. Oh Julienne, I LOVE that quote and that is how I try to live each day! I have finished Uni for the semester and have 4 weeks break...so I am off tomorrow to find a copy of this book. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I hope you have a lovely and stress-free weekend ~ Tina xx

  10. Im in the middle of the same course and it is definitely helping me deal with emotional pain much better. i love enjoying each moment and Ive found blogging has heightened that awareness and appreciation.Fiona


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