Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Something lovely...something awful...!

Oh dear, oh dear

Something lovely has happened!
Something awful has happened!

The lovely thing is
 that without noticing 
I now have 51 people who follow this blog

How beautiful is that?

When I started,
 in a very half hearted way,
it was just something for me.
My two beautiful daughters followed
and then I got a few others
how exciting
I remember Lauren from
came on as No 11
and I was quite amazed!

Many years ago
I designed and wrote
 for a living
 but those days are long, long gone
 and it is eons since I have done either
so it is very flattering to my creative ego
 when people enjoy what I do enough to follow


A great big thank you for
hopping aboard

and to those who leave comments
I really love the contact thank you. 
pull up a chair and join me 

while I hide my face in shame and

before I can pull the duvet over my head here

let me 
tell you about the awful thing that has happened

With 51 followers
 I have become 

as a result I have tried too hard
and every post for the last week has felt contrived
or just wrong. 
I have four posts in draft stage
that should never see the light of day
I haven't quite worked out how to delete them  but I am working on it.

Now isn't that just





  1. Julienne, you are just gorgeous my dear:) Don't be shy or bashful. I think the most important thing is to remember that this is your gorgeous blog space so just be you and we are all here because we think you are wonderful and we like what you have to say, regardless of the subject matter:) Loved your pics by the way, especially the first one with the gorgeous plates on the wall:) Hope you are having a wonderful week, don't spend too much time under that duvet cover, ok! ~Tina xx

  2. Julienne my dear
    I too can remember very vividly how happy I was when I saw I had 18 followers! I mean..18 seemed a lot 'cause I was sure I wouldn't have had none:-) But every post was harder ,IS harder to put together cause many more people could possibily see it and think it's complete nonsense! if that is how you feel..welcome to the club :D
    Remember :your readers follow you because they like what you say, what you write..they like you! So ..don't be shy and show us those posts girl!!!
    Hugs from me

  3. Yes totally and absolutely ridiculous you dopey thing! (I saw that with affection you know that right??) I've never not enjoyed one of your posts. They all say something, and they're all different. We are all multi faceted and our posts reflect that I think. Please don't feel any pressure and it doesn't matter how much or how little you post. You're on my blog roll and I'm always pleased when I see you've posted. I'm with Tina about loving that first image too...and all the other stuff she said! Goodnight to you too.

  4. Oh heavens! When I wrote this I was not expecting comments like this Kerry you brought tears to my eyes! Flaviana it is good to know that you felt the same way, I don't feel quite so silly!!!! and Tina just the fact that you have found the time to comment is amazing! I feel really special just knowing you wonderful girls. Goodnight again!

  5. Julienne, I love your wit and whatever you write I always enjoy reading. This happens to us all, trust me I am in the middle of a block right now. I always have at least 4 post done and I am down to one and I can't see one after that, they do come eventually but the more we put pressure on ourselves the more the block stays, or at least that is how it is with me. I will be here whenever you post, I always enjoy reading what you write, plus I kinda like you a lot!! We are officially blogging buddies. Congrats on your readership, I see more for you in the future, Hugs Kathysue

  6. I had a similar feeling a little while back myself. I guess you have to be true to yourself and the ones who like it will continue to read it. I enjoy your site for many reasons, but your positive and cheerful style are the biggest ones. I think that is going to come across no mater what you post. So please carry on!

  7. Your blog and your writing is very unique, NEVER contrived! Sometimes I read mine back and think, oh no that doesn't sound like me! But we all feel like that sometimes don't we? Love you and love your blog..Rachaelxx

  8. You are silly Mama! I used to be too little to read the stuff you wrote all those 'eons' ago, but now I'm plenty old enough to enjoy your clever, creative and avant-garde jottings. I get so excited (and just a little bit proud) when you've put up something new, whatever it is!! And not just cos I'm your daughter! But I have to say... clearly you get it from me ;-) xxx

  9. Julienne - you know those commenters are so right! And I will add mine to theirs to say exactly the same - go on and don't be shy and post those ones in the draft stages. I am sure we all feel the same - I know I do many times I think "Oh gosh - will they be interested in this? - or, I haven't posted for a while - help - they won't follow me anymore!!". So I know how you are feeling but just go for it girl! x

  10. this too shall pass.
    we all think we are so important.
    (me included)

    we are not.
    we are just 'a part of' this blogging community.
    and that , my dear,
    you do perfectly.



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