Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Questions needing an answer please...!

When I started my blog
 my daughter gave me this book

I read it from cover to cover
  found many of you within it's pages
 but there was one important point she made

Ask permission to use photos.


now isn't that a story

as instructed
I dutifully composed a basic email
then I personalized it for each
designer etc.
 I had found over the years
 and liked



this lady 

Polly Eltes
you can find her

Not only is she a beautiful photographer

Who imbues all her photographs with a special warmth

as a person,
 she is one class act!

Within a day,
 I received the loveliest email in return
 giving me full permission to use her images here

I had sent her a link to this site
 so she knew I had 7 followers 
had written maybe 15 posts 
(Let's be honest I was not going to set the world on fire!)
but still she bothered
Bless her.

Subsequent to  this 
I heard an interview with several editors of home magazines 
who all said how they disliked bloggers using their images
 but they wouldn't mind if we asked permission
Wouldn't it be nice if they replied when we did?

Now I would like to know

If they did not reply
did that mean

I could
I couldn't?

I have to be honest and say
that I have used some of their images anyway
but I always feel unbelievable guilty and I don't like that
Really I'm a good girl, I am!

I also want to thank all you lovely blogging friends
who have said 
' yes, go ahead,' 
'that's OK,' 
after I have admitted to you that
I pinched an image off your site
Bless you all.

But the quandary is
what can I use
 that is currently sitting in my lovely files
what can't I use
and how do you find who to ask when it comes to
sites like Flickr





  1. AH! Julienne darling I had the same dilemma and felt positively guilty most of the time but..go use them and remember where you found them so you can link back. I think that's ok ?! I hope it is.. Anyway, we do not have commercial blogs so what's their problem? They should be just flattered don't you think? Link back and maybe add a disclaimer to your blog..
    I'm still waiting for the angry email-which is coming I can tell you - asking me to remove this and that..:-))
    Lovely photos you posted!
    P.S. ahahah , you're too funny my friend ;you do not have 7 followers!!! Julienne!!

  2. Julienne I am in a quandry about this also. Most of the images in my files I have had there for a while now and I have no idea where they came from. I do get a lot of them from google. When it is stated what designer did a room I try to put their name as a credit. I know you have asked me before and I appreciate that but to be honest we are in a public forum so whatever I post is up for grabs, it is not like someone is posting the words I write. If I get a picture off of google so can they so why would I care if they credit me. I would much rather be mentioned for the content of my blog than the pictures I googled. I guess you will have to have help from someone who knows more than myself, Good luck. Yes, You are a verrrry Good Girl!! Happy Monday,Kathysue

  3. I agree - what beautiful images and how lovely of Polly to email you back. However, I am not sure about the answer to your question.... if they don't reply maybe just leave a 'credit' at the end of the post with the name of the photograper? A difficult one.. x

  4. It's an interesting question you pose Julienne and I wish I knew the answer. But as I don't I apply an old adage that has worked well for me over the years, and that is "it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission"! Go for it I say and a huge round of applause for Polly and thanks for the introduction to her work. It is very beautiful.

  5. Julienne am I losing my marbles? Didn't you have this post up earlier? I think I already commented, where did it go? I hope I am not have one of those Golden Moments,hehe Kathysue

  6. Hi Julienne!! I found you from Flaviana blog. Your post was totally funny. I had the same doubts when I begun. I think it's ok if you link back to the source of the photo if you take them from another blog. If they're public, what's the matter? Anyway, it's something we all do, don't worry. Now I'm a follwer as well!!!

    Lovely week, Zaira

  7. Polly's photos are gorgeous Julienne, thank you for the introduction to her beautiful work, and what a lovely person she is to have responded to you!! I really am not sure about the use of images from magazines and such. Is it like text from a book, where it is ok as long as you reference it (sorry that's the Uni student in me...). I would love to find out more about this, hoping someone can shed some light! Hope you are having a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  8. How lovely that she responded! And I am with you on the conundrum if they don't reply. I do think that they know and if they don't want you to use the image then they would let you know. Right?

  9. j,
    i dunno...............
    i just add the name of the source at the bottom of the image.

    but as for this post...i love her work as well.
    PLEASE keep pinching.


  10. Lovely images..I credit the source at the end of the post. Surely, that's enough. No one could expect that emails would be sent back and forth asking for permission..Rachaelxx

  11. I think it's okay to use the photos as long as you give credit where it is due. If you find it on a blog, just say which blog. After all, that gives them more traffic. Also, it is flattering when someone thinks enough of your photos to show them again. When it comes to Flickr: I see that as individuals showing their photos to the world to use as they wish. But once again, I'd give credit, just to be thoughtful. I see blogs that say on their sidebar: Please don't use my photos without permission. Well, there's your answer on that one! Me, I don't put anything across my photos so they can't be copied without their name. I figure it isn't that important really.

  12. Julienne, I am still learning blog etiquette!
    Would love to read the book, it looks wonderful. I know I have stepped on a few toes,never purposefully though.

    I love the world that has opened up through blogging. Surprise is on my site.

    Art by Karena

  13. Hello,
    Beautiful pictures.
    I use flickr and it's always nice if someone asks and most important it links back to you.
    M x

  14. Julienne,
    that is the eternal question for us bloggers. I have sent as well so many, many emails asking for permission and never got one answer (not one!) I always give credit though with a link to the author's website or blog. Some blogs would ask you not to use their images so I don't. It's a tad confusing at times, isn't it.

  15. It is really nice to know that I am not the only one with this problem! It would appear, from all your wonderful answers, that I just keep linking where I know, apologizing if I don't and leaving the message on the images I love sidebar and I should be alright. Thank you all for your help. I have been to visit all your blogs.

    I must say, that if I were in business, and someone used my photos with a link back and it got my name and business out there a bit further I would be really chuffed. Obviously some of you did not know Polly's work and now you do I am so glad I could introduce you to her. I suppose that is really what blogging is about. You really are all very beautiful people!

  16. Such beautiful pictures; that was immensely kind of her. I've been avoiding this problem until now by mainly using my own photographs. I don't think I would mind if people used mine, as long as they say where they got them from (including link! I've seen some bloggers just writing 'from xyz'. Without link that's no good as a credit at all).
    The question that bothers me is how to use pictures from books and magazines. I know they are under copyright, but if I say from where I've taken it, does that make it okay?
    As you can see, I'm at a loss, too. xx

  17. Gorgeous images...I don't know the answer. I use them, link them and credit them wherever possible....x

  18. Thanks for posting this. I'm new at blogging too (ever since Blogspot got easier to use) and have often used my own shots--but on my most recent post, I used some interiors from another blog. I just credited the site in the end. I love your blog and will follow it too.

    btw, how do you expose your comments this way, or add a "subscribe by email button".

    Keep it coming!


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