Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I was waiting at the PO
 when it opened today
 and there it was
The brown cardboard box
from Borders Bookstore

I ripped it open
only broke three nails!

569 pages
'The Girl Who
Played with Fire'

602 pages
The Girl  Who Kicked
The Hornets' Nest

I know the house needs dusting
the mulch needs laying
the ironing needs doing

it will all have to wait now
 whilst I read !!!

Will keep visiting briefly
 but may have a bit of difficulty
 getting my head out of these books 
before they are finished

Has anyone else read them?
Did you enjoy?

Lisbeth Salander 
is calling me back 




  1. Hi julienne, I hope you can get your head out of your book tomorrow, I have a little surprise for you, come by and see tomorrow,Thursday!! Hugs Kathysue

  2. If you send me the third one, I'll stay up all night and read it then send it right back to you. Promise!

  3. You remind me of a member of my book club who is especially besotted with these particular books as well! She can't be depended on for anything until she's finished with them!! Have fun reading!

  4. I read all three in record time. Mind you...that was back before blogging began! Enjoy.

  5. Juliene, I am sooo glad you like the front porch re-do. It took me long enough to get it posted, didn't it!! I just wanted it to show as cool as it is. I can not capture my house in pictures but it was the best I could do. The shrub next to the Meyer fern is a Hollywood juniper. It is purchased already trimmed like that but you can trim your own to look like that. When we bought it 30 yrs ago it was only 4 ft tall with balls the size of a small volley ball. I had always wanted one and it was a big treat to get one. It is also very hardy. We get very hot summers and it is in the sun all day. so it can take the heat. Thankyou for always leaving me such fun and uplifting comments. I love seeing you on my blog, Kathysue

  6. Hi Julienne!
    No, I haven't read them, but I've heard wondeful things about both.



  7. Enjoy your reading. I just got Anna Quindlen's new novel the other day. And ordered another book. Nothing like reading to soothe the soul.

  8. They sound great, can't wait to hear more. Thanks for coming to Paris with me, you're making it a lot more fun!

  9. It's me again. How is it? Can you tell me that much?

  10. Oh nothing better than opening a carton full of new BOOKS - enjoy Julienne! x


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