Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh dear.....!!!!!!!

I think I have

 Blogger's Block!!!!!!

Every night this week
 I have sat down with the perfect post.
Knew exactly what I was going to say.
Opened up the new post page and......
Absolutely NOTHING!!!

Do I have to many thoughts to put down
not enough thoughts to put down?

Do I know what I want
am I just totally confused?

Like these two images from here

You see I really want a house that looks like this


I keep going back to this!
Whether I like it or not this is me
not smart, not sophisticated
Just a warm, elegant, beautiful
 and comfortable room surrounded by
things I love.
Books, flowers, paintings, warm polished timber, mirrors, precious things,
 pink, white open fire, soft cushions.

Then sit the people I love in those chairs and on the floor
and I would be really happy  


I still want this too!!!!

Tonight was going to be about last weekend
Tonight was going to be about a dog show
Tonight was going to be about our Art Exhibition!!!!
(Mandy beware!)
Tonight was going to be about Kate's new blog
Tonight was going to be about the new book I've found!


Totally confused
which leads to 




  1. After a good nights sleep, you will please tell us about the new book, the art show and maybe a few dog show pictures. I too love the first room, but i have to many books and animals and vases of flowers and paintings, and my house is too small to do it properly. Maybe we all need a second home? A lovely vacation home. Maybe i need more money!

  2. Julienne, I just love the way you think. I am glad you are like the second room, it looks much more inviting and warm and cozy. Stay the way you are it is too hard trying to be someone else. The real you is always the best!! Happy Saturday. PS I woke up with the perfect post in my head in the middle of the night and now I don't even have a clue what it was about, I woke up all night long with new thoughts and this morning Nada!!

  3. Julienne, if that's blogger's block please send some my way! 'Nothing at all' is telling us more about you...and that's always nice.

  4. Well this post was great, nice and honest. I LOVE that first (and last) image. I guess you won't really know until you get to live with something and find out how it feels for you.

  5. You are funnny Julienne but I know exactly what you mean about liking two kinds of style... feel the same myself too. x

  6. Oh Julienne, I love this post - not only because I definitely prefer the warm, cosy room, but it's so nice to hear that I'm not the only one struggling with sorting my thoughts. Sometimes I walk around for days trying to get it in order. Normally it all falls in place in a few seconds, but then I need a pen PRONTO to write it all down.
    Why don't you just communicate your muddle? I'd love that, too. x

  7. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! I laughed when I saw the two interior photos as I am also completely like that. One side likes cream Art Deco minimalism, and the other likes old-fashioned English chintz. Never the twain shall meet - so one I have for home, and the other for office. Equilibrium achieved!


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