Sunday, May 2, 2010

filling in time....!

I have finished my book

have ordered
 the next two from Borders
 but they won't be here
 until the end of the week 

change of pace needed
 as it was fairly full on
did get very nasty in places

 I borrowed another.....
pretty story, 
about girl
 who makes wedding cakes
Her descriptions 
are beyond anything I remember


 I went looking for the wedding cakes of today 
and to my delight I found these
thought you might enjoy 
if you haven't already seen them!!


 classic and to my mind quite beautiful

again classic and rather sophisticated

romantically over the top
 but I can see a bride being thrilled with this

smart sophisticated and fun


I don't know why
 but this reminded me of a French film
 I have seen but cannot for the life of me remember!!!

I love the cartoon feeling here 
and imagine it had lots of meaning 
to the bride and groom

  is she pushing him off 
  or  pulling him back?
(I couldn't find where I got this one from again but I think it is a real classic)    
I wonder how many of us
 really felt like this on our wedding night!!!! 

this was my favourite!!!!!
I would love to know the story behind it!!!!
it is just such a disaster

I imagine one day I will get to talking about things mostly older than me
but obviously not at present!

You are just being served up whatever comes into my head
and this is one very confused head at present
 so anything could appear here!!

Hope you liked the cakes
 and had a bit of a sigh and a laugh



  1. I found you on my Daughters sidebar (Renee)

    Love your humor. The cake with pearls is really nice. Those cakes are a riot.

    Thanks yvonne

  2. Julienne, what fun and lovely images. I love the very first cake, it just looks luscious!!

    Art by Karena

  3. j,
    i definitely had a chuckle over these cakes.
    sweet dreams.

  4. Wow Julienne! These cakes are works of art, not wedding cakes:) I love the plane crash one, so funny!! Thanks for sharing these. Hope you are having a wonderful Monday ~ Tina x

  5. Hi Julienne
    those cakes are amazing!! Do I really have to get married to have one of those ?? I hope not ;-)
    P.S.Which books have you ordered? I'm curious and always look for suggestions or recommendations!

  6. Ha! I wanna know the story...and the people, attached to some of those cakes! Hilarious!


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