Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the worst is yet to come....!

This is not the post I was going to write today

disaster defcon 2
                       please go here and read the    courier mail

but as we wait to hear news
 of our son and his beautiful family
of A-M and the boys
and all our other friends 
I wonder is there a family
in Australia
unaffected by the 
horrendous news coming out of 
and now North Western New South Wales

with 9 confirmed dead
and 66 still missing
the death toll is bad enough
but on top of this
6500 homes will go under in Brisbane
 in the next two days
and already hundreds of houses 
and businesses
have been lost

The rain is not easing
and the wall of water that
became an inland tsunami in
Toowoomba and was responsible
for the lost lives
is racing down the valley
 toward the Capital
to meet a King Tide

I ask

 that tonight
you light a candle
say a prayer  and think
of all those in
Queensland who have lost
nearly everything they possess
and for whom the worst
is yet to come



  1. Off to light a candle right now Julienne. It's absolutely astonishing isn't it and must be so terrifying for those in the midst of it all.

  2. I will Julienne. It's terrible and so distressing. Do hope you hear news soon and that it is good of your son and family. Thinking of you and all those affected. X

  3. Our prayers go out for all those in this terrible disaster.

  4. What sad and terrifying news. Praying.

    xo Jane

  5. My prayers have been with you all - I have been thinking of all my blogging friends - keep safe!

  6. We have been watching the news with horror. Prayers? Of course - you have them!

  7. Oh Julienne, I hope by now that you have good news about your son and his family. It is all so devastating and heartbreaking. In my thoughts ~ Txx

  8. Our kids are on high ground thank goodness and have stocked up on batteries candle and ice so they appear to be OK at present and hopefully it will not be as bad as they are predicting.
    Peak is 3.00am tomorrow.
    Keep those prayers coming for all in Queensland.

  9. My thoughts are with all those in peril. Blessings...

  10. It's a little after 7:30am, but I'm lighting a candle :-)

  11. my sweet jules,
    come over.
    i have something for you



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