Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finally...older than me!!!

I have just told a friend
that I am not
a metal kinda girl!
 only to realise 
that one of my favourite pieces in our home
is just that
Actually it is worse than metal it is
onyx and gilt!!
way, way, way over the top!

Oh dear! Do you think 
I should have dusted it before taking these?! 
the floor could have done with a good mop too!

Half way up are  the hooks for an umbrella 
or parasol as it is a French piece

Then at the top the hat goes at a jaunty angle

don't you just love the hanger for the coat? (wide and rounded
so no mark was left on the jacket)
and then a small hook for a cane!

There it stands in all it's over the top glory

I understand it is French probably mid 1800's
and if any one has seen one like it
or knows anything about it I would love to hear.

It normally hold a red Fez that UK daughter brought home
for her Father

My Father's pith helmet, rather aged and tired
but it was well worn during the 2nd World War

and a Malacca cane. 

So maybe, just maybe a could be a
metal kinda girl!!



  1. Dear Julienne,

    Well, this is above a 'steel object' as it is very unique, practical and beautiful! Interesting the pith helmet and also the Fez. A Mason I guess?
    Have a look at my International GIVEAWAY!

    Enjoy your week and enjoy this elegant treasure!

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  2. ....a Heavy Metal kind of girl?......

  3. Just loved finding you today and spending a little time here...I'll be back; I'm your newest follower!
    --Lee Ann

  4. I like it!

    Have you been affected by the flooding?

  5. I love having unique pieces around the house. This one is very nice, Julienne.

  6. I love it, Julienne! So unique, beautiful and practical!! Who could ask for more? ~ Tina xx

  7. Happy New Year Julienne. Love this, and in my view there is no such thing as way, way over the top!! Thank you for your lovely message the other day, and yes...we must meet :)

  8. Very unique and I feel sure it is French too... it is lovely. XX

  9. Hello Julienne; Happy New Year to you & your family.I think this lovely coat tree has quite possibly transformed you into that 'metals' girl after all. It's quite gorgeous & I love your family hats; so very special.

    xx Have a great week!


  10. Hi Julienne, I'm intrigued and ignorant, what's a malacca cane?! Happy new year to you! Hugs, Emma.

  11. In all my many years of antique hunting, I've never seen anything like your coat/hat rack. I see why you like it.

    This is my first time visiting your blog, and I like it!

  12. Hi Julienne...Your metal loving post made me smile!:) At first I thought you meant heavy metal, haha! But your lovely coat tree is just wonderful. I think they should still make hooks just like that! It's a shame that they don't. Much easier on our garments I think. Leave it to the brilliant French to be thinking of such things..and how wonderful is your hat collection?? Have a very happy New Year!


  13. These are beautiful vintage pieces! You are very lucky to have them! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  14. That really is a fabulous coat rack! I'd love to know where it came from and all the places it's been :-)

  15. I would be a metal girl for something as cool as this, too!

  16. most of the metal in our house is either old copper with gorgeous patina, seasoned zinc tops, tarnished silver or rusty wrought iron...guess I need to add polishing to my to do list for 2011.
    Love the coat rack, tres magnifique and the fez and pith helmet are fantastic!

  17. Guess, this is really a heavy metal... Looks so frenchy & vintage. Hmmm... you are lucky if you have that.Very popular in Europe.

    Happy wee-end...

    Greetings from chilly Stockholm,

  18. It's wonderful! Can you just imagine the stories it could tell!

  19. jules,

    i love it.
    it looks like white brass and onyx.

    and oh....
    i have a red fez with a black tassel too.
    i have been know to wear it with my
    small round dark glasses.
    (just once or twice)
    ....totally goofy.



  20. Julienne, this piece is gorgeous the word metal does not suit it. It is beyond metal it is elegant,intricate and beautiful.Love it!!Thanks for your opinion on my post today,You know I always value what you have to say!!
    Are you still having flooding problems in the surrounding farmland?
    Have a wonderful weekend,


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