Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Know when you are on a good thing...!

Our son's kitchen bench this morning!

Even this little chap knew to move to higher ground!

a good feed and then he was gently
 encouraged to move outside
It is amazing how in disasters like this
 even the wild life will turn to others for help

Rod Dowton transporting four of the kangaroos which were stranded on Two Tree Island last week after the level of Lake Burrendong rose rapidly, covering the island. (PHOTO: Tracy Woods)
                                                                     image from the Wellington Times

and seem to know that they should just accept it

and it is happening all over the East coast of our country



  1. jules
    when i see this stuff on TV ....
    it freaks me out.
    i worry about you....
    this post made me tear up.
    all those poor animals.
    thank G-d for the caring 'HELPERS.'
    xxx love

  2. We watched your PM on tv last night - the accompanying clips were terrible, but the spirit of the people, helping one another, was wonderful to see.

  3. Hi Julienne, I hope you don't mind - I've reblogged these wonderful images. Such a beautiful post..Rachaelxx

  4. Oh my! It seems the weather is crazy all over the world these days. Serious flood in Argentina where my parents live, mounds and mounds of snow and freezing temps here in the US. My goodness. Hope you are safe, darling.

  5. Oh Julienne - I do hope your son (and his family?)are safe. It is absolutely devastating watching the flood drama unfold on television this morning. The tears are welling in my eyes when I think of just how much the people of Brisbane (and Queensland!) have lost. My heart is also so heavy thinking about all the animals and family pets which have not survived (or are lost.) It is just unbelievable. ;)Sharyne

  6. Dearest Julienne,

    Hope it soon will recede and go back to normal. Too bad that these things happen in nature. Oh, we've had to escape one day in 1988 on June 7 when we stayed at the home of our friends in the northwest area of Sydney. Their home is on the Hawkesbury river and during the early night it had risen 3 m above the bridge level. We had to get up and pack in a hurry to drive 2 hrs to the north into the mountains to reach the one bridge that hopefully was still clear. We had to depart from Sydney back to Atlanta/USA that day. I was pretty sick from that drive and we got to San Francisco with lots of tail wind... What an adventure. Guess you all endure this every now and then.
    Hope the losses will not be too big!

    Lots of love,

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  7. We all read this post at work yesterday, got a little teary and marveled at the wombat?? in your son's kitchen.

    My thoughts and prayers are with your country.

    xo Jane

  8. Oh and we all adore Maggie.
    xo J.

  9. Hi Julienne - hope you son and family are ok. Love the wildlife pics - Anna B has been so strong and full of natural leadership I think. THinking of you. x

  10. Thank you all for your wonderful comments.
    Jane Maggie is my darling and is currently still in remission which is remarkable.
    Mariette that sounds awful but lucky!
    And for all and any who care to know Anna Bligh is not of my political leanings but I would vote that lady into the top position tomorrow!!!
    She has coped remarkably with this situation and come across as a real statesman and a real person, if she copes with the clean up she is a total winner!
    I am working at the moment, long and tiring days, so will try and catch up when I can bless you all xoxo Julienne

  11. Thinking about you, your family and your country Julienne. The photos of the animals and people with their struggles rip's your heart out. Where I grew up in Washington State, we were accustomed to several bad floods over the years. In our case it was the dairy cows that were in harms way.
    Bye the way you asked a good ? on my blog. Why oh why don't people RSVP anymore? I suspect laziness. It does rate right up there with note saying thank you!
    Hugs to you all Julienne xo

  12. Hi Julienne,
    Thinking of you today. Hoping you are all OK in the aftermath. Love, Emma.

  13. Julienne I am so sorry too hear more of this and seeing these images breaks my heart. Thinking of you and my other friends in your country.

    Art by Karena


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