Monday, November 29, 2010

...and a book walked in!

Do books find you?
Do you find books?

I ask, because sometimes I will pick up a highly recommended 
book and no matter how I try I can't get into it
Three months later I try again and can't put it down!!
Go figure

Sometimes I have a craving for suspense
sometimes soppy romance
sometimes something historical
sometimes an old classic is all that will do 
but whatever I choose there is
one absolute criteria
It always has to be well written

Whilst we have had a wonderful time with our UK daughter
it has been a sad few weeks here and
I desperately wanted something light and breezy to read

Belong To Me'

Now doesn't this cover just scream
Chick lit?

Well it did to me
 so I grabbed it and raced home.

Chick lit
it is not
Beautifully and magically written
 it is
Light and breezy
it is not
A book to bury yourself in
it is
But sad and funny and uplifting as it is
it turns out it was just the book I needed

When I finished
I was so entranced with this authors writing
 that I went searching for anything else she had written
and found

Love Walked In'

I wish I had read it first
 as the characters are the same
and Belong to Me follows on a few years later

But had I picked it up first
would it have been the book I needed now?
I don't think so.
I can only say if you haven't read either of these
 do yourself a favour and get them
 but it might help to read in the right order



  1. I've seen the one that you read first, but thought it was chick lit, so passed it by. I'll go back for another look. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I was so surprised by Belong To Me. I picked it up on a remainder table and expected it to have as much depth as a postcard.

    We were both wrong. Now i have to go dig it out and reread it.

    Hope all is well now.

    xo jane

  3. Julienne, I am so glad that you post are now showing up on my dashboard!! I just needed to purge some of the blogs that no longer needed to be on my list!!! I think you need to start a book. You have such an interesting way with words and thoughts!! Sorry you are feeling lonely, it never gets easy when our loved ones leave, I don't care how old they get, Kathysue

  4. As you say - looks can be deceiving! At first glance both of these novels look a little soppy. However I'll now go and check them out - love a good read. ;)Sharyne

  5. Sorry to hear you've been having a sad time Julienne...I hope things ease soon. But thank you for the recommendation..I'm always looking for a new author. And I completely agree that books find you. I rejoined the library a few weeks ago, and not looking for anything in particular, there was a book that I feel will help me make some wonderful changes and new discoveries...books do that don't they? Take care x

  6. I dont read any specific genre either, and love a recommendation. I'll be looking into these, thanks Julienne. Hope all is well for you and your family.
    Rebecca x

  7. I love book referrals from other just know they will be good reads...many thanks!

  8. Thanks for these reviews Julienne and for the heads up about which to read first. Know just how you are feeling with goodbyes....thinking of you. x

  9. Those books sound wonderful. I'll keep them in mind for when I have more time to read.. I really hope you're ok Julienne. I'm so sorry to hear you've been having a bad time. Take good care of yourself until things get better..Love Rachaelxx

  10. Curling up with a good book is one of my favorite indulgences, thanks for the recommendations! :-)

  11. So true about there being the right time for the right book! There are books that I just couldn't get in to that, on a later trial, have turned out to be favorites. I'll have a look for these.

  12. Can't wait to get these...looking for a good book fo read. Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Julienne, I am so sorry to hear you have had a sad few weeks, is there anything that I can do? I hope that things are looking brighter for you by the time you read this. I am also so sorry it has taken me so long to comment on this post :( I have not read either of these books but will add them to the list of my 'Julienne recommended books'. Sending you all my love, my friend ~ Txx

  14. Ooh, I do love new book ideas! Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  15. I had a tres tres lovely time at home too Mama! And not tooooo long before home for good :-) xxx

  16. I don't know this I guess in this instance the book found me!

    I'm sorry your heart is sad.


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