Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today I have played
....and played
....and played
with the new blog templates

I have had an all black blog
Bit hard to read

a red background,
but as my posts are red
that was totally pointless! 

I have had flashy patterns on the sidebar
I have had no colour on the sidebar

I have had two columns
3 columns
2 columns
and then back to three

I tried new headers
I hit add to blog

not too sure if I liked what I saw when I hit view blog
thought I would go back to original

Oh Dear!!!!

I think they said to download original template
I am sure they said download original template
in case I wanted to go back!


I should have been a good girl
and spent the day doing the job I was supposed to
which was hammering  72 metal eyelets
into 7 painters drop sheets
(one every 12 inches)
for an event we have coming up this weekend!

Result of my playing
Blog  -1
drop sheets 0
I suppose there is always tomorrow!!!



  1. I looks good I am so fearful to change anything. If fear of losing something I might need, hehe. I always take the Scarlett mode, " I'll think about that tomorrow" in my best Southern girl accent of course. Good luck on your event,Kathysue

  2. You need your own German Girl. I would still be painting on the walls of the blog cave if not for her help.

    Good news. We all love you anyway and are going to read your post no matter the color.

    Good night indeed!

    Xo Jane

  3. I gave up,I have even tried 3rd party templates and still can't get the look I want. Good luck on the drop sheets.

  4. Ah yes the old "oops I didn't save it" trick... I like your new three column look... the odd thing is that once I changed my layout I couldn't for the life of me remember what it looked like before!

  5. You're much braver than me. I really like the three column layout. I want to try but am basically a big scaredy cat so I haven't yet! Must remember to download original!!

  6. Yep yep. I've always do that when boredom strikes or when I want to add something interesting in my site. KEEP IT UP. :)


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