Thursday, August 19, 2010

memories, blessed memories......!!!

It's's pouring 
the old man is snoring....

My son turned 38 on Monday
and he used to love that nursery rhyme
so as I sit here by the fire 
listening to the rain on the roof and looking forward to summer, 
I  think back to the year he was born

We lived in a small country town in Victoria called Bacchus Marsh

                              the avenue of honour, entrance to the town

I didn't drive, we were new to town and Top was in the USA
on business so I fled back to NSW and the beloved parents
 with my 3 month old baby
but after two weeks of being spoilt I headed home three days before
Top was due to return.
My FIL picked me up at the airport drove the thirty miles home
 and as he was due back at work 
I shooed him away without inviting him in

You know those moments that you just never forget?

Glad to be home, I put the basinet down on the verandah
 and I opened the front door of our tiny little cottage
 which was not unlike this one here

and if you can imagine camel coloured carpet instead of grain 
this is the sight that met my eyes.
A moving sea of grey about 3 inches deep!!!!!

Thousands upon thousands of mice had taken over the house
 in the short two weeks I had been away. 
They were in every cupboard, the bed, the stove and the bath!!!

Lucas was left in his bassinet
 which was then balanced on tins of water on top of the sideboard
whilst I covered the house in newspapers and poisoned wheat.
After two long days,
 where closed eyes were not allowed because they knew
 and took the opportunity to run up your leg,
 we were down to just the odd one left
more poisoned wheat and the cleaning began.
Every surface, every possession
 had to be boiled and disinfected not once but twice

That house shone from top to bottom

Why am I telling this story?

remember I said I was looking forward to Summer?
well perhaps I am not 
as this is what we have had predicted for this year again!!!!

They have also predicted a locust plague
but that's a story for another post!



  1. I sympathise Julienne..I was a child on a farm when the major mouse plague hit, and the mice were in layers with no floors to be seen in all of the sheds, and large rats running all over the roof! Everyone was out with sticks trying to kill them and I cringed at every blow - still not one for hurting anything! What a memory you must have of bringing your baby home. Hopefully you can laugh at it now..maybe.
    Rebecca x

  2. Oh. My. God.

    Maybe the most horrifying story I have ever read in a blog.

    Shudder, over and over.

    Goodnight? I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight and it's only 1:00pm here.

    Aye Yi Yi

  3. Oh my giddy aunt. I can't even begin to imagine what that must have been like. Were you really as calm as you sound? City girl here...I'd have been a gibbering wreck. Seriously impressed :)

  4. Alas girls I was not really brave at all and if I had not had a baby to worry about would have fled, never to return! Loud music and my yips and moans and constant jumping up and down seemed to keep them at a distance until hunger drove them all to the wheat. Apparently it made them thirsty and they left the house to find water and never returned! Lesson learnt, don't leave a house unattended when there is a plague!

  5. Oh, dear lord! What a story! At least it wasn't snakes.

  6. Ohmylord!! How brave Julienne... I run a mile from ONE let alone a whole army of them... ! Hope that they do not come here this year..x

  7. OMG I freak out when I see one mouse. I would have fled, no doubt!!! Called the exterminator. You have plagues over there? Whoa that is scary!!! You are too brave!!! Kathysue

  8. The folk over on Eyre Pennisula are experiencing the same at the moment Julienne, zillions & zillions of the little buggers!
    Millie ^_^

  9. Oh Jules! The horrors! Goodness, my little problem is nothing compared to yours ☺. J x


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