Thursday, August 26, 2010

I see a touch of blue...!!..

Spring is just around the corner 
I can almost smell it 
but winter is not going to let go that easily.
 Over the last few weeks we have had our ten years worth of rain 
and in the last few days
 the wind has whistled down off these beautiful  blue ice fields

I love this icy blue colour so much that

I used to do this with my eyes

Then I got a bit braver and I did this

Ok I didn't have the piercings...
but if I'd been game....!!!

Of course I wasn't even game to do this much
particularly as blue eye shadow went so out of fashion!


now I am back to wearing a wee bit of makeup and I have bought some 
flash new icy blue eye shadow


I am very afraid I might just end up looking like this now


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  1. Hi Julienne:) Oh, how I have missed your posts!! This made me smile so much! Love this colour blue, but I too would probably end up looking like the Queen of Hearts pic - lol!! I hope this finds you well my friend. I am looking forward to catching up on your beautiful blog. hugs ~ Tina xx

  2. Not sure that Winter is going to let go so easily here in Melbourne - love the blues though! x

  3. I love all the blue. The ice is amazing.

  4. These are gorgeous. Where did you find these? I love the black & white with the blue.

  5. Stopping by from Rainbow School!! What beautiful shades of blue, especially the ice! I love blue!

  6. Love all the blue here - especially the ice! Super blog too!

    Happy Rainbow Blue,


    btw My Rainbow Blue link is here for you!

  7. That ice is amazing. And you are funny.


  8. What a fun post...the blues are stunning...bkm

  9. This got me laughing out loud. My neighbors think I'm weird.

  10. omg ... that was a great post ... and love those photos ... i wish i was brave enough to even try blue on my eyes ...

  11. Yikes - that last eye makeup job was just scary! I stopped wearing makeup about 30 years ago, but oddly enough, lately I've been thinking about the beneficial properties of mascara and a little concealer.

  12. Julienne. What an absolutely magnificent link to Rainbow Summer Schools journey through BLUE.

    The glacier pictures were astonishing. They are so gorgeous. I never realized how lovely ice could be.

    I laughed at your eye pics. You had me going. I thought you were pretty brave with all that piercing and painting.

    Clever girl.

    Thanks for linking.

    This was one of my favorite stops this week!


  13. I love the pictures of the ice fields. They are amazing!

    Here in England, we are heading towards winter far too quickly. Oh to be back at the beginning of spring :(


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