Tuesday, August 24, 2010

at the bottom of my garden.....

  Spring is on it's way
and today 
for a brief few moments 
we had some sunshine

so I wandered outside to bask

and found to my surprise
 that we had some visitors 
at the bottom our garden

The Fey had arrived

                                                                                                                                image by Olivier Ponsonnet  

 in all their drama

                                                                                                                        image by Christos Magganas
and their beauty... 

and if I was not mistaken
out of the corner of my eye 
I thought I might have seen


Now is that not prettier than my last post?



  1. All your posts Julienne are wonderful, & this one is so lovely. Such a nice thought that faeries do exist. I had a boss once that confided in me that leprechaun's did really exist that she had seen them. Although honestly I think she had smoked too much 'wacky tobaccy' as they said in the day.

    Wishing you more Spring like days this week J. xx oo

  2. Since I have a little granddaughter we read books about the Fairies and all the places they hide in the garden. I love the books and her face of wonder!!! Have a great day, You in Spring and we are facing FAll!! Kathysue

  3. Oh Mama, I can't WAIT to come home! Please feed the Griffin so he stays!!

  4. Oh you make me smile Julienne - love this... my Aunt swears that she saw some fairies at the bottom of her garden in England once. I believe her actually. x

  5. I love that post....and yes faeries DO exist, so do gnomes and Goblins! I know for sure about Goblins because they are the ones that eat the last chocolate biscuit...but leave the empty packet in the cupboard!!!

  6. Very gorgeous Julienne..I'm still gobsmacked about your last post! You poor, poor mummy - greeting that with your tiny baby! Yikes..Rachaelxx


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