Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A long, long whinge!!!!!!

For the last three weeks,

every time I turn on blogger,

I find the new design thing
I say
Tonight is the night
I will use a new design.

For the next three hours 
I try every template

I play with colours
I preview

I make the page 3 columns
I preview

I add pictures to fill up the empty spaces
I preview

My header won't centre!
I don't like the colour down the side!
The font won't work!
The colours are dull!

I need a new header
and paint won't do what I want

I delete the whole lot.
Think about what I want to post.
Look up at the clock,
 and those three hours 
I thought I had been here

Forget it!!!!

It has been five hours 
and if I don't go to bed soon
I will be useless tomorrow!!!!

So no post again.

I wonder if I need to get very brave
 and find someone
 who can tell me how to make it the way I want!

It's really quite embarrassing
 to have once been a designer
 and then to own the dullest blog on the block
 (not looking for compliments here)

We need a bloggy school where all the hints
and ideas are in one place
old people can understand!
I am fine until they start speaking
computer instead of English

You know how they have the piece on the bottom of a page
 that say something like
did this answer your question!
Yes O
No  O
then you press no
(because you have absolutely no idea what the page said)
 and up pops another little survey
and absolutely nothing changes

Does anyone else have this problem?
Am I just totally computer ignorant?
Have I just made this all too hard for myself?


PS. Tomorrow I will try again!!!!!!!


  1. You're much braver than me Julienne. I haven't been game to even try! When you work it out can you please let me know how to do it?

  2. I know exactly how you feel! Why why why do the techies write the tutor pages? Totally agree with everything you said. And, it is hideous to fail when everyone else has apparently succeeded, isn't it?

  3. I've been thinking about this post and have come to the conclusion that i like your blog just as it is.

    I love the clean space, the red ink and mostly all your thoughts you share with us.

  4. So glad it's not just sad me Julienne. I too have tried the new templates and can't get the photos I upload to go in the places I need them to. Then try adding script..well just forget it. I have a son who is a graphic designer & I keep telling him mom needs HELP! He lives many states away just wouldn't you know! So if I ever get it figured out, I will be sure to share.

    Hang in there my friend xx


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