Thursday, May 19, 2011

This is my world....!

This is my view
at present

I am
by wonderful people
even with 
a full house 
the loneliness
is unrelenting!



  1. Oh Sweetheart Julienne, I am so sure that it is.

    One day at a time is all I can offer. along with a virtual hug and kiss.

    xo janr

  2. My heart breaks for you. You are not alone my friend. A-M xx

  3. Impossible to say anything that will make it better I know. But I do hope that one day the image will be clear again, even if there will always be a bit of fuzziness around the edges. Take care x

  4. Thank you all. It is, now, quite obvious that blogging at night is no longer an option! I will do it in the mornings in future!

  5. Dear Julienne - one day at a time. I am thinking of you. ;)Sharyne

  6. Nights must be hard. I don't know the time difference between here and you, but I want you to know that you are prayed for every night on this island.

  7. Baby steps Julienne - we are all thinking of you. Night time always magnifies worries in life I think. Look to the mornings and the light. XXXX

  8. I'm so sorry you feel alone Julienne. You're not. I'm thinking of you and so are so many others. Love Rachaelxx

  9. Just found your blog whilst bouncing around the innerwebs. So sorry to read of your recent difficulties, wishing you better days soon. Will be checking back...

  10. Oh Julienne, I have been thinking of you - I do hope that the 'one day at a time' advice we all give at these lonely and difficult times actually works. Lots of love, A x

  11. Oh Julienne. I feel your pain in the scarcity of these words. Lonely is such a terrible thing to be. I pray you find peace.


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