Tuesday, May 10, 2011

thinking rationally?....I don't think so.

My concentration and rational thinking 
are rather limited at present
This morning I 
put the tea bag in the dishwasher
and the spoon in the bin
Took the wash out of the washing machine
went into answer the phone
came back out
put the wash back in the machine and washed it again!!!!!!

Maggie joined Top last week
so they are walking together now.

I will come back soon

 I thank you all
for the well wishes here and the emails


  1. I'm so sorry about Maggie. You've had to cope with so much Julienne. I wish I lived closer so I could come and give you a big hug. Or at least get the teabags out of the dishwasher :)
    take care x

  2. Oh no, that is so much loss to deal with all at once. I can't imagine the grief you must be feeling. Lots and lots of love to you Julienne, I hope you'll feel a little better soon. Rachaelxxx

  3. Thank you all but I should explain the decision we had to make at Easter was Maggie. Perhaps I kept her a day or two too long but my beautiful UK daughter looked after it all for me and I know she is in a happier place. Bless you for caring xx

  4. Dearest Julienne,

    Well, with the loss of a fur-baby one simply CANNOT focus for a while... All that is in one's mind is the beloved pet that is no more. Especially at the home where the sounds, the being present around your feet... it all reminds us in a painful way. But you will feel better in a while, at least so you can focus again for running your household chores.
    Lots of love and yes, I too have wept and wept about a lost pet. More so about our Spicy, the most loved feline that disappeared (my guess is she got kidnapped for her beauty...)... it broke my heart literally for a LONG time.
    Be strong!


  5. Your heart is too full for your mind to deal with. Much love to you, Julienne.

  6. So sorry about Maggie Julienne - so much sadness and grief for you - no wonder the smallest tasks seem like the hardest. We are all thinking of you and sending love... XXXX

  7. I've been offline for a time, so didn't know about your terrible loss. My heart goes out to you - hang on, let people help you, and know that you are thought of over here. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  8. good advice from james.
    just take baby steps.

    it is sadness and stress.
    it has been a really stressful year for you.
    you know how loved you are, i hope?

  9. It must be comforting to think of Maggie being with your lovely man. Sorry to hear about Maggie as I know it must have been a difficult decision. Thinking of you and sending big hugs and prayers.
    Rebecca x

  10. So sorry to hear of your recent losses. Wishing you peace and comfort. God bless, Tammy

  11. Julienne, you are such a strong and special young woman. The inner being helps us through all of these life changes.

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  12. So lovely to hear your voice again. Thinking of you. Emma

  13. Just checking ... and holding you in my heart . . .

  14. Oh Julienne. I think you're gonna need a bigger platter to hold all this sadness right now. Keep looking up. Eventually the stars and the sun will shine through again. Hugs and peace.


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