Wednesday, November 23, 2011

tidying up loose ends

Following up and tidying up loose ends

On my sidebar is a link to 
a house that was built by 
Ambrose and Bridget Rotton
without whom I would not be here!!!!
in the post I wondered what
it would have been like inside
and UK daughter promised to visit.
She did and we have lovely photos

But we were not to be totally denied a vision
into the past as we then discovered
that Bridget's brother had built a
house a few years before
 and it was this house that Ambrose and Bridget
obviously got some of their ideas from
they are incredibly similar.
and this house, called Blakesley Hall,
is also still standing
and is in fact a museum so
if you would like to have a look hop over here to

and check out how they lived in the 1600's!
Maybe find a few ideas for your new interiors!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. It's a gorgeous place, but I am attached to my modern conveniences!


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