Saturday, March 19, 2011

a relaxing day and impossible things!!!!!

It feels like forever since I have been here!
I have so much catching up to do
that it now seems an impossible task

Today we went out to lunch

and I have fallen in love with this building
it is what I would like our
next home to look like 
on a much slightly smaller scale

the alfresco dining is just beautiful 

and the different areas

make it hard to choose a place to sit

so I tried them all!!!!!!

This turned out to be my favourite and
over coffee we discussed other
impossible things
 like ipods and iphones

do I get one or both???
and what is the difference anyway? 

But the reason we went to lunch
 was to celebrate the fact
that, today,
 I am a whole year younger 
than I thought I was!!!!!

( so I am just going to pick up that missing year
 and there I intend to stay for the next ten years
until people say...
poor thing, she hasn't aged at all  well has she!!)

truly, old age can be really quite exciting sometimes!



  1. You share a birthday with GG? No wonder I love you!

    Hope your day was a wonderful one. You have been missed, I was just thinking about you yesterday.

    Come back soon.

    xo Jane

  2. Missed you - and am now wondering how you get to be a year younger!

  3. Dearest Julienne,

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Today I'm in a happy mood too as yesterday for the first time we heard good news from our sister city in Japan, where I stayed in 2007. All people were without power for one week, hence no Internet use... It did weigh heavy on me for not knowing if their homes would still be there etc. Sure it does not diminish the suffering of all others but together they will get ahead; we must get ahead.
    So if you have a chance, come to read my story of joy.

    Lots of love,


  4. Good Saturday morning to you Julienne!!! I am so techinically challenged having all those gadgets would just confuse me. All my kids want me to get the Iphone and that sounds like a good idea. The ipad is something I am not sure I would use that much. I rather like sitting at my desk on the computer!! Have a wonderful weekend celebrating your one year difference. I heard a cute saying from a young lady that was turning forty. She said she was 18years old with 22 years of wisdom. I liked that so I am 20years old with 40years of wisdom.xo Kathysue

  5. Happy Birthday for one year younger Julienne. Hope you enjoyed your day. Love the buildings, and can see why you could make this yours. The stone is divine, like an old winery I recently visited is SA.
    Rebecca x

  6. jules
    happy happy!!

    i wish i had been there with you.
    what a cozy place.

    sorry that i have been mia
    but i am twirling too many plates on sticks at my circus.

  7. Love it - now that is a good excuse for a celebration and I love the combination of that cool creamy stone and the grey paintwork. X

  8. J....Happy Belated! It's fun getting young, isn't it? Just read the "tree beating post " as well....I could it looks like we'd live in a world without tree fruit....k

  9. Happy, Happy!!
    I always think I'm older than I am!

  10. Happy B-day Julienne!!! Just a note: if you get an iPhone, you don't need an iPod. The iPhone does it all. I adore mine!

  11. Happy..happy indeed Julienne. I do that too, so you are not alone. I love how you stated that getting older can be quite exciting @ times. A positive attitude is key!
    Casa Bella is right, with an iPhone you don't need an iPod unless you want the capability to store more songs. My children have both but then again they store up to 40,000 songs with the 160GB iPod...crazy. Hope you had a great weekend and again a happy birthday although belated. xx Deb


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