Friday, November 25, 2011

So long, farewell, adieu......

It is with a heavy heart
 that tonight I pull the plug on
 mostly older than me.
This blog has been about the family
our dreams, our plans.

Now I have to find my own dreams
and make my own plans
and those dreams and plans
deserve a place of their own

But it is important that I not
leave here without
saying how much I have enjoyed the trip
and a huge thank you to
those wonderful people who
have travelled it with me. 

who held my hand over the last
seven months and made
sure I came back

and the friends I met who have also been there
through the long hall
Vicki from Vicki lane mysteries
Anita from Castles Crowns and Castles,
  Semi expat in Oz,
Life in the Country Lane
A room for everyone
and Ann 

There are so many other wonderful people I met
who have widened my view of the world
who allowed me to share some of their
tears and laughter who
gave me a glimpse of their lives
and who taught me that
goodness still abounds in this
world of ours

I thank you one and all

hopefully I will catch up again in the near future
but for the last time from here


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

tidying up loose ends

Following up and tidying up loose ends

On my sidebar is a link to 
a house that was built by 
Ambrose and Bridget Rotton
without whom I would not be here!!!!
in the post I wondered what
it would have been like inside
and UK daughter promised to visit.
She did and we have lovely photos

But we were not to be totally denied a vision
into the past as we then discovered
that Bridget's brother had built a
house a few years before
 and it was this house that Ambrose and Bridget
obviously got some of their ideas from
they are incredibly similar.
and this house, called Blakesley Hall,
is also still standing
and is in fact a museum so
if you would like to have a look hop over here to

and check out how they lived in the 1600's!
Maybe find a few ideas for your new interiors!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

The joys of downloading!!!!!!

What a wondrous world
hangs out there in the ether!

We disposed of the cameras upload program
downloaded another
and here we are!!!

don't know if this is all going to work
but if it does
the pic is a rather wonderful shot
taken by the clever
just before my first guests arrived
for my first 

So lets see how this works!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My computer has taken
exception to the fact
that it has had little use in the
past 6 months
It absolutely refuses to allow me to load
any photos.
The minute I try I get the dreaded
blue screen.
Don't know how long it is going
to continue this sulk...
but we will continue anyway
and hope it forgives me 
for being absent so long!!
Blogger on the other hand has 
recovered from it's sulk and
is now allowing me to log in to my dashboard instead of
just the new post page!
So after this very boring tirade
it would appear that  
I am back

Thank you
for all those wonderful comments
and emails that have kept me going
you are a truly wonderful group of people

Hugs to you all
and Goodnight


Monday, October 31, 2011

I have a problem
I am not allowed to log on but I can post!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Some good news at last...!

15000 rioting people
100's of riot police
tear gas hanging in the air for hours,
two days of transport strike!

Did I say good news?!!!

Well yes...

 despite all the carrying on in Athens 
our beautiful  Harry
ignored it all
and he and his team
played wonderfully and he brought home 
a bronze medal
from the
World Special Olympics!

His parents, sister, aunt and Gregoir
all braved the elements to watch
him play.

Papa would have been soooooo proud!

and as usual you continue to amaze me
with your sporting abilities,
your sportsmanship,
your team spirit,
your indomitable spirit and your 
truly wonderful sense of humour.
You enrich my life Harry
 and I love you very much


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

another goodbye...!!!!!

He was a large puppy
an even larger dog
who had a friendly wag for everyone
but behind that
cheerful look and wagging tail
there lived a fierce protector

but at 15 years and without Top and Maggie
John Wellington Wells (or Wells for short)
decided on Sunday that it was time for him to go too.
Travel safely Wells till you find the other two.



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